Webinars: Leverage the Transformative Power of AI

Join us for an exclusive three-part webinar series with Amplience, to learn how to leverage the transformative power of AI to revolutionise your business operations and empower your employees.

Discover key strategies to get started and learn tips and tricks to accelerate business growth.



What You’ll Learn:

Ep 1, February 22nd: How to use AI Automation to Accelerate your Business

Learn to unlock strategic resources, accelerate output, and reduce time-to-market through AI automation. Gain confidence in maximising productivity with fewer resources.

Ep 2, March 7th: Human and AI Collaboration: The Recipe for Success

Discover how AI augments human work by optimising what we already do today. Learn how AI can validate outputs with human oversight and transform the daily responsibilities of marketers and merchandisers, empowering them to be more efficient, productive and agile.

Ep 3, April 11th: 5 Top Tips for Designing your AI Strategy

Explore our 5 tips for an effective AI strategy, emphasising the importance of strategic planning, organisational readiness, data quality improvement, and seamless integration of AI into your business DNA for lasting success.


In our first episode Kieran Lane, Director of Solution Engineering at Amplience, and Paul Sanderson, our CEO at The Commerce Team Global will share their expertise on how to maximize productivity with fewer resources by adopting the right AI solutions.  


Kieran Lane                                Paul Sanderson,  
Director of Solution                   CEO, 
Engineering,                                The Commerce Team Global


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