Endless Aisle Solution: Ann Summers Transform Their Shopping Experience

Have you ever wondered what your customers do, after they walk into a store and find out that the item they wanted to buy went out of stock? Forrester research explains that:

  • 17% immediately use their mobile devices to make a purchase on a competitor’s website.
  • 37% buy them online when they get home.
  • 35% look for the item at another store.

Here’s Where an Endless Aisle Solution Comes Into Play. 

An Endless Aisle Solution unifies inventory management systems, allowing retailers to present a holistic view of available products. This means in-store customers gain access to an extended inventory beyond the physical store. To bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping, Endless Aisle employs in-store kiosks and dedicated mobile apps. These platforms empower customers to explore, order, and access a broader product range with ease, while increasing customers loyalty and reducing in-store sales losses. Let us delve deeper into its benefits for both retailers and consumers.

What are the Benefits of an Endless Aisle Solution?

  • Expands Product Selection: Endless Aisle virtually extends a store's inventory, providing customers with a wider array of products. This not only satisfies customer expctations but also helps in retaining customers who might otherwise seek alternatives.
  • Improves Customer Experience: The solution enhances the overall shopping experience by offering customers detailed product information and the ability to make informed decisions. The convenience of accessing an extended catalogue both in-store and online creates a seamless journey for the modern shopper.
  • Increases Sales Opportunities: Beyond just preventing lost sales due to product unavailability, Endless Aisle serves as a powerful tool for cross-selling and upselling. By leveraging product recommendation data, retailers can suggest related items, thereby increasing the average transaction value.
  • Optimises Stock Inventory: Real-time synchronisation of inventory data ensures accurate stock levels across all channels. This optimisation minimises the risks associated with overstocking or understocking, contributing to a more efficient and profitable retail operation.

Choosing the Right Endless Aisle Solution.

Selecting the right Endless Aisle solution is crucial for success.

Salesforce lists some crucial factors to consider when choosing and measuring the efficiency of an endless aisle solution:

  • Mobile Compatibility: Ensure accessibility via mobile devices to cater to the growing trend of mobile-dependent shoppers.
  • Usability: An intuitive and easy-to-use interface is essential for both customers and employees to navigate seamlessly.
  • Store Fulfilment Options: Provide customers with flexibility in payment and fulfilment options, accommodating various preferences.
  • Ease of Integration: Seamless integration with other systems ensures real-time data updates, enhancing efficiency.
  • Customisation and Configuration: A customisable solution allows retailers to tailor the Endless Aisle experience to their unique needs, fostering brand consistency.
  • Real-Time Data Processing: Cloud-based solutions that process real-time data ensure accurate information for both customers and salespeople.

At The Commerce Team Global we supported our clients, Ann Summers, leverage Salesforce and Adyen technology, to offer an Endless Aisle solution in 85 of their stores.


Ann Summers’ Case Study. 

To introduce their in-store ordering option, our clients Ann Summers requested to have Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) storefront integrated into Adyen’s payment terminal.

Following exploration, The Commerce Team Global discovered the capability of the terminal device which concluded that although it did not have a native browser to access the SFCC storefront it could run on an Android App. 

Our Solution

In one day, our team built an Android App that can browse the SFCC storefront and be used to place orders using the terminal. Ann Summers undertook a product demo to test our solution and our team progressed to complete the full solution which included building a dedicated In Store Ordering website with an accompanying Android App, that can now be accessed through the Adyen terminal.

The product was initially launched in December 2023 through a pilot, following implementation of our solution, in January 2024 it has now been adopted in 85 of Ann Summers stores.

The Commerce Team Global are digital specialists who can help integrate your e-commerce solutions with innovative technologies including the marketing leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud and the Adyen payment platform to keep pace with current shopping trends but also set new standards for customer satisfaction and excel operational efficiency.

Reach out today to find out how we can collaborate: info@thecommerceteam.com


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