Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables businesses to create online stores and sell products or services. On their Shopify account, our client BioGaia faced the challenge in managing separate Shopify stores across four countries. Here we explore how The Commerce Team Global provided a comprehensive solution to smoothly executing the accounts migration to Shopify Plus. See how our certified Shopify team transformed BioGaia's multi-store management, making operations more streamlined and opening doors for growth. 


A Leader in Healthcare Products

BioGaia are a leading healthcare company that was founded in Sweden in 1990. Their award-winning, clinically proven probiotic products have been developed to support the health and well-being of people everywhere, throughout every life stage. BioGaia's products are sold in more than 100 countries all over the world through a large network of distributors, leveraging Shopify as their e-commerce solution of choice.  

The Perfect Match: A Team of Shopify - Certified Experts

At The Commerce Team Global, our technical team has earned several Shopify badges, gaining certified skills that provides a guarantee to our clients that we operate at the highest industry standards and provide expert technical know-how. 

The Challenge

BioGaia approached The Commerce Team Global to address their challenge of managing independent Shopify store accounts and separate billing in four countries: USA, UK, Sweden, and Japan. Our technical team identified that each country operated on a distinct Shopify Advanced plan, resulting in separate operations and billing for each store. Our objective was to synchronise all stores under a single umbrella and consolidate payment fees within a unified account. 

Our Solution

The Commerce Team Global highlighted the advantages of consolidating all stores under a singular Shopify Plus account for BioGaia. If you are not familiar with the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus, we suggest reading our latest guide. Amongst the listed ‘Plus’ features, the most impactful to our client’s case included the ability to manage multiple stores within one account, have unlimited staff access, and customise storefront options based on country and localisation 

In November 2023, we initiated the migration to Shopify Plus, beginning with the USA account as the Primary store, followed by the UK, Sweden, and Japan. Our client now enjoys streamlined operational management across all stores, a simplified billing process, and the future opportunity to scale by adding new stores under the same Shopify Plus account. 

“It has been great for the Shopify Team at The Commerce Team Global to help BioGaia resolve their pain points and deliver the migration project in timely a manner across global locales. The sites we have worked on span three continents, which not only means different time zones to work with but also currencies enabling BioGaia’s to sell anywhere without compromise. Huge thanks to BioGaia for trusting us to deliver and being their systems integrator of choice.” - Saumil Nagariya,
Development Team Lead 

If you are looking to utilise or migrate your online stores to Shopify, or are considering upgrading it to Shopify Plus, reach out to our team We will be happy to provide our technical expertise to help you grow and scale your business.  

Working with The Commerce Team Global is very smooth and structured, the team are always in high spirits and are happy to jump on a call to discuss the work and provide updates. As well as this, the team show an interest in our brand and come with ideas to help us achieve our goals.

Michael Clyne, E-commerce Manager at BioGaia


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