Webinar - Expectations of Today’s Consumer

Optimising Ecommerce Webinar Series

Expectations of Today’s Consumer

When: Wednesday 26th April 2023

Time: 12 – 12.45pm

Brought to you in partnership with The Commerce Team Global and Personify XP.

The second in our webinar series focussing on bringing you snap shots of discussion in the ecommerce sector.


In this webinar we will look at:

  • Optimizing the ecommerce customer experience
  • How to design and implement a customer experience that keeps people coming back to your website
  • Look at user experience design, personalization, and customer feedback

Questions we will discuss:

How do you optimise what the customer experiences first?

What do you focus on not just to help CWV but ensure an optimal customer experience?

How do you support yourself, and your customer?

How do you drive automation and deliver consistent change?

Join us!

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